Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conquering Hehuanshan's East Peak (合歡山)

and the story goes.....

After came back from the Lantern Festival (around 11 pm), me and Jeung Dewi were planned to spend our night at Taichung Train Station (*hihihi...hopeless+homeless) while waiting for the daylight to come. But, that stupid (+ risky) plan was soon refused by Bu DWW. Then, she suggested us to stay overnite at Taichung Mosque. But because it was already very late (around 1 am) and we haven't called the Imam of the mosque yet, the four of us were locked outside (*i was wondering why the mosque gate was is Alloh's House or Imam's House ???). Anyway, after encouraged herself to ring the bell, Bu DWW was successfully "forced" the Imam to go out and unlock the gate for us (*he's grumbling, quite mad and blurting some harsh words out to us while opening the gate). Hehehe...deeply sorry, Imam...
Because we have to catch up the one and only van-like vehicle that will take us to Hehuanshan at 8 am, we already stand by at the bus stop by 6.50 am. We were managed to find the Fengyuan Bus Company which running that van, just right on time^^. Then, the journey...begun. After almost 5 hours (*half of the journey was roller coaster-like. Not to mention that the van was kept zigzag-ing on that mountain-super narrow-road to avoid encountering the vehicles from the opposite direction), finally we arrived there. It was around 1 pm...but the weather was so cold (*around 10 i guessed).
Hehuanshan comprises seven peaks in total. The two peaks, East Peak (3,421 m) and North Peak (3,422 m) are actually taller than the main peak (3417 m). After arguing for a while, we decided to hike the East Peak one. According to the board down the East Peak's trail, the trekking time to the top is 2.5 hours. Non-stop resting, eating, slacking...we reached the peak in 3.5 hours (*hehehe...amateurs!). The best part was when we found snows and saw a beautiful-hard-to-describe sunset. Subhanalloooohhhh^^. And the hardest part was when we have to survive there only with sleeping bag (*i was shaking, shivering and trembling all nite long). Not only because the weather was (damned) cold, but the winds also brought along the how cold it was. Well, i managed to keep myself alive til' the end, though:). We were trekking down the mountain early in the morning and successfully reaching the main road only in one hour (*i'm getting good at it^^).
OK, for the one who shows interest to go to Hehuanshan, i'll suggest you to take the Nantou Bus Company's bus (*from Taichung Train Station) to Puli (*it costs 100 NTD). And from Puli, you can take the Fengyuan Bus Company's van (*costs 181 NTD) to Hehuanshan. It will save your money around 153 NTD. Because if you took the Fengyuan Bus Company's van (*accross the Taichung Train Station) directly, you have to pay 434 NTD. Remember that the Fengyuan Bus Company's van only operates once a day, at 8 am. And from Hehuanshan, the same van will only pass at 9.20 am. So, make sure you are manage your time well. And down the mountain, there's a cottage that you can rent for 2850 NTD per nite. If you're not as crazy as us, just stay warm at that cottage. Don't forget to reserve it first. All in all, the beautiful Hehuanshan surely worth it^^.
Foto dulu dong^^
Kabut udah mulai turun
Semakin berkabut
Tuh puncaknya udah kelihatan
Horeeee...sampai juga di puncak:)
Liat deh saljunya...
Waaahhh...indahnya gunung di pagi hari^^


netta said...

kebelet sama salju ya, neng?
seemed like ice frost... then snow.. hi hi hi..!!

congratz on the trekking!!!

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Hehehe...not really, actually, Sun. Yeah, it looks like ice frost, indeed^^.

Thanks a heap. When is your turn then ;)?