Thursday, February 5, 2009

Food Science - Biomedical Science

The fact that Food Science is closely related with Biomedical Science (-human physiology, to be exact) is undeniable. How can food scientists/technologists produce a healthy-safe food, for example for the one who has a health problem, if they don't know the effects or efficacy of the food compounds to the body ? That's why learning about human physiology is undoubtedly important. But sadly, the relation between those two sciences are less common and never been deeply studied in Indonesia.
Conversely, Food Science Departments in Taiwan tend to counterpart with human physiology as in my department shown in some of the courses name, such as : Trends of Food Technology and Chronic Disease, Free Radicals and Diseases, Nutrition and Medicinal Foods, Health Food, etc etc. Sounds "scary", huh ? That's exactly what i thought, at first. Having no basic in human physiology, made me learn even harder about it. It's hard, yet very interesting.
In Taiwan, people are very concern about their health issues. Regular medical check up is a must. Food supplements are very popular. Native herbs and spices are widely mixed or combined with foods and snacks (1, 2). Green teas and its derivatives are everywhere. And so on. Well, i'll just take this phenomenon as a good opportunity to learn. ^^


netta said...

I don't really know what they expect from a food scientist. Well, I *KNOW* what they expect but it seems far from possible to master it all. I'll be a fifty something spinster before I finish it all. No, thanks. I'll just play with my tiny itsy bitsy. :D

By the way... they already went to the molecular and the nano things. SCARY!! Even Indonesia hasn't finished its micro!

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Yeah, too hard to master all of it.

Ehehehe...even it's only tiny itsy bitsy, if you really are mastering it, you'll be counted as an expert, Sun^^.

Yep, VERY SCARY! Hey, no need to mention our country here. xixixi. It always far away left behind on technology stuff (*anxious).