Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pasta With Yogurt Sauce

Today's Theory and Application of Health Foods happens to be a cooking class. Hehehe. Because last week, we made yogurt...So, today, we try to make something using yogurt as an additional ingredients. And (*as i guessed), we make the easiest dish which is...PASTA^^. Hohoho. And btw, Prof. Chiou is very nice. He bought the beef only for me and Wahid. While the others...pork, of course. And btw (*again ;p), i'm a little bit surprised when he was accompanied us the whole course time. Considering he's the Dean of Life Science who never really has "free time". Well, it happens that today he has no meeting to be attended^^.
Here's the ingredients' listing (*use your own imagination to decide the ingredients' amounts ;)) :
  1. chopped beef
  2. sliced mushrooms
  3. diced onions
  4. mushroom sauce
  5. corn starch
  6. salt
  7. sugar
  8. black peppers
  9. cooking oil
  10. yogurt
  11. simmered pasta and macaroni
(*no. 1-10 : for pasta sauce)
Cooking instructions :
  1. Stir-fry the beef along with the mushrooms and onions (*with one teaspoon of cooking oil)
  2. Add mushroom sauce
  3. Pour the diluted corn starch
  4. Add some sugar, salt and black peppers
  5. Stir until the sauce quite viscous (*pour more diluted corn starch to increase the sauce viscosity)
  6. Cool it down and put the yogurt in
Errr..but actually, because today me and Wahid are fasting, we couldn't taste the sauce at the first place. So, May (*our classmate) helps us taste it. And, it happens that May's taste and ours are...DIFFERENT. The sauce was too sour (*T-T). Hahaha...
Here's some pictures :
stir frying the sauce ingredients
put the yogurt in
yogurt sauce...completed^^
simmered pasta and macaroni
ready to eat pasta with yogurt sauce (*not as yummy as you think^^)


dzaia-bs said...

it was very very weird, mixing yogurt into pasta...

yogurt kan asem2 gimana...
mending yogurtnya dikasih sirup terus dikasih agar2 atau nata de coco...

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

You can never imagine what Food Scientists can do in the kitchen, Jay^^.

Yeeee...kalo gitu sih beli aja di 7-11 atau Family Mart. The point is...CREATIVITY :). Well, even though sometimes people think we're (*food scientists) are nuts or even waaaayyy to creative. Hehehe...