Friday, March 20, 2009

Scientists Want DNA Tests on Galileo for Eye Test

On the last Scientific Writing lesson, Prof. Ku gave "making memo" as an assignment. The topic was the same as this post title. Here's the problem :
Scientists want DNA tests on Galileo for “eye test”
Italian and British Scientists want to exhume the body of 16th century astronomer Galileo for DNA test to determine if his severe vision problems may have affected some of his findings. Galileo, whom the Vatican condemned for teaching that the earth revolves around the sun, is known to have had intermittent eye problems for the second half of his life and was totally blind for his last to years. One of the ‘errors’ that Galileo made, which Galluzi suspect may have been attributed to his bad eyesight, is that he believed Saturn was not perfectly round but may have had an irregular, inflated side. He might have mistaken Saturn’s gaseous ring to surmise that it was formed of one planet two moons as satellites. ‘If we knew exactly what was wrong with his eyes we could use computer models to recreate what he saw in his telescope’ said Paolo Galluzi, director of the Museum of History and Science in Florence, the city where Galileo is buried.
So, Prof. Ku asked us to make a memo to Paolo Galluzi to tell him about our opinion regarding to the Galileo's body exhuming. But before that, we have to know how to make an effective memo, so that our writings can be fully understood by the memo recipient. I found a good article about writing an effective professional memo (*here). While browsing an article about memo making, i found that this topic is actually very new and just came up recently. Wow^^. Then, i ended up gathering some articles about Galileo-DNA Tests-Body Exhuming as follows :
  1. Researchers Want to DNA Test Galileo's Eyes
  2. Scientists to test DNA to find out if Galileo could really see stars
  3. DNA Testing on Galileo To Uncover Sight Problem
  4. Scientists want DNA tests on Galileo for "eye test"
  5. Scientists Want To Test Galileo’s DNA For Eye Conditions
  6. Should Galileo's tomb be opened for DNA tests?
  7. Galileo’s body to be exhumed for DNA testing
Interesting^^. And btw, for my memo making assignment, i wrote that i'm agree with Paolo Galluzi to exhume Galileo's body and conduct DNA Tests. Because i think yeah, we will be able to get the truth whether Galileo's findings are actually correct or not. Exhuming Galileo's body, yes it sounds disrespectful (*and it's been more that 300 years after his death). But doing this for the sake of the science and to unveil the truth...WHY NOT ?

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