Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished-Lost at TMS-One of the Kind Souvenirs

Finally, after almost two weeks, this what so called ballot counting was over. Quite tiresome process, to be honest. But somehow, i enjoyed every single part of it (*even the most annoying one).
Stayed two nights in a row at Bu Yessi's apartment, surely became the most memorable one^^. Not to mention that i was also trained to be Didat's babysitter. Hehehe. Knowing that i'll stay overnight at her house, Bu Yessi soon told me that i have to keep an eye on her children while she's having ehmmm...night walk with Pak Zul. Gyahahahaaaa....*glad to know that my existence there was highly needed, Bu^^*. And btw, for Bu Yessi's children case, i can say that they're easy to handle. Just by giving them my iPOD and my celly...they can be as quiet as mouse. Well, the "bitter" part was, i have to get ready to accept those my two stuff, in battery-empty-condition.
OK, finally my three days adventure in Taipei was over. After wrote down Pak Zul's "how to get to the Guo-Guang Bus Station" instructions, i left. Well, yeah...this is my third time to go to Taipei. But before, i always went with my friends. While having them around, i always lack of attentions. This time, i was alone. So, actually, i didn't really "menguasai medan". Hihihi. Took like....MORE THAN ONE HOUR to find Z5 exit. Ughhhh...i couldn't feel my feet anymore. While wandering around, i met....YUHERINA GUSMAN! Hahahaaaaa....OMG^^. She's laughing at me (+my stupidity ;p).
After went out from Z5 exit, i was more than glad to see Guo-Guang Bus Station. suffer hasn't ended yet. Long queues has waiting. I have to wait 2 hours to get into the bus. During queuing, i realized that my skirt was wet. When i opened my sling bag, there's...Didat's milk bottle. Oh..My..Lord. Hahahaaaaa. Then, i told Bu Yessi about it. She told me that i can keep it as a souvenir^^. Hihihi...Didat, maafin Amah Bunga ya...


dzaia-bs said...

i think what Bu Yessi said has an implicit message...
i wonder, she said : 'that bottle is for your child, so go get his/her father in hurry...'

Yuher said...

Mau daftar J?

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

@dzaia-bs : Sok teu ;p. That's only your "imagination". She wouldn't send me such an implicit message.

@Yuher : Heh, what's the meaning of the maksud ? Dasar anak nakal.

Mr Lee said...

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