Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You've Gotta Be Kidding Me !

I had enough with Taiwanese youngsters! They're getting on my nerves! *grumbling_cursing*

Just before, my favorite spot in the library was taken by the couple who was doing something so intimate. Astaghfirullahal'adziim...33x. Since i arrived here, this is the 983th times i've catch red-handed a couple doing filthy-PDA (*mostly in front of the dormitory). I know exactly that this is a free whatsoever country. But please...do it in the more secret place (*seems like i'm suggesting someone to do so here *guilty*).

OK, here's the story. As i walked out from the library's elevator, i turned to the left and left again and...yes...just "on the perfect angle" of seeing something...they were there. Doing that. On my favorite spot. Shocked was all i have. They suddenly stopped after they saw me. I haven't fully believed what's just happened while trying to walk further to find another spot to sit. But all of the sudden...i feel like needed to go to the restroom. Then, i turned around and...saw them DOING THAT AGAIN. Masya Alloh...33x.

Seems like i took it very seriously, rite? Why? Because, once i considered a place as a "sacred place" for my getaways, i always treasure it well. So, this "accident" i've encountered is definitely RUINING my precious one. *bloody upset*

*start to think about finding a new spot*


Anonymous said...

as a truly 'preman', you must be able to defend your place with your authority...but why you can't??? i'm wondering what will the world be if you lose your premanisme... (*really counting on you to save the world..hahahahaha...)

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

this time Rit...i don't really have what so-called "authority". well, yeah...i know they're doing something impolite in public place. but...hhhh...i'm still very shock right now.

*the heroine needs to take a deep breath for a while* ^^V

Yuher said...

If I were you... I'll bend on them... without "wink2" and at the end,, they'll find a new place for their unfinish job.. qeqeqe

or just sit at my fav place by ignoring them and doing my activity as usual... and they'll go suddenly (klo ini benar2 kejadian :-p)

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Gyahahahaaa...shall i give you my PREMAN CROWN, Rin? Seems like you're way more preman in facing this kind of situation ^^V.

I can't, Rin. Sitting at the same place where they're doing that dirty things, will just disgusted me. *still blasting on my mind*

*PS : Ooohhh...i really am sorry about your Control Panel. My mistake T-T. I hope Mr. Jae can give you the powerful antivirus.