Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 14 : PCR + Gel Electrophoresis_Part 2

Because my last week results weren't so good, today i have to run PCR and Gel electrophoresis again. But of course, with the different colonies. I've discussed with Dr. Tang and Mia about too high similarity in last week's results. High similarity in the isolates indicates lack of biodiversity. And don't dare to think even further about getting some novel microbes if your results are just like mine. So, we decided to inoculate white colored colonies and reddish colored colonies. Before, i only inoculated pink colored colonies. Well, maybe the white and the reddish ones are the novel microbes, or at least, they have low similarity. So, GANBARIMASU^^!
*Note :
  1. Isolate 1- 5 are reddish colored colonies; isolate 6-10 are white colored colonies.
  2. Always remember to make the gel agarose first after loading the samples to PCR.

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