Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 15 : PCR + Gel Electrophoresis_Part 3 ; Sayonara Sleepy Head ;p

Whew! Yesterday's PCR and Gel Electrophoresis results weren't good at all. There was no PCR products can be detected on the gel. That's why today, i'm doing it again^^.

While waiting for my running PCR, i went out for my summer course class. Something amazing happened. I finally graduated as a sleepy head ^^V. I listened to the whole lesson carefully, write down some important notes and recorded the course materials on my mp3. Perfect^^.
Btw, there was a phrase from Louis Pasteur that quoted by Dr. Chang in the class :
“Chances favors the prepared mind”
"Only a deep thinker, the one that work hard and smart, able to grasp the opportunity", said Dr. Chang.
See this picture below and go here for some details.

Besides that, he also said :
"You have to know the scientific history, so you won't make the same mistakes like the former scientists did".
Interesting, right? ^^

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