Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 16 : Bablassss; PCR+Gel Electrophoresis_Part 4

Today, i just arrived from Kaohsiung at 3.45am. TMS was still very quiet at that time. After waited for couple hours, i took MRT and headed to NTU dormitory. Because it was too early, so, nobody's in and out the dorm. Then i decided to go to NTUST dorm (*my second headquarters^^). Took a shower and went to the bus stop, as always. After i sat at the bus, i felt very sleepy and...finally fell asleep very tightly. I don't even noticed that i've already arrived at Academia Sinica. Suddenly, i woke up and swept my eyes to the surroundings. Nobody was there. And...i saw my watch. It was 10.05. HECK!. Usually, the bus will arrive there between 9.30-9.40 and soon left after all of the passengers are get off from the bus. But, hahahaaaa...it was already 10.05 and the bus still there. I didn't even see the driver. OMG...i guess because of me, today's bus schedule was messed up. Hehehe...sumimasen deshita^^. But, that wasn't the main problem. I was L.A.T.E for my 9.30's lab meeting. *i'm so dead*
Thank God Dr. Tang and everybody were just very nice. They can understand the "ridiculous situation" i've faced. They even laughed at me (*'til they got stomach cramps, i guessed) after i told them my story.

Today, i have to do PCR and Gel Electrophoresis again. I still couldn't get my PCR products last Friday, so..TRY AGAIN^^. And...i managed to get those PCR products. Alhamdulillah^^. Well, next is waiting for PCR products sequencing:).

Btw, today, Ching-Hung a.k.a John, my genius lab mate, was acting a little bit weird. Last week, he didn't show up at lab. Then, i just knew from Dr. Chiou (*my other lab mate) that he was travelled around Taiwan for the whole week with...his girlfriend ;p. Hohohoooo...
Usually, Ching-Hung always brings his lunchbox to the "dining room for all" outside the lab. FYI, that "dining room" is my cubicle here^^. He always takes his lunch box and newspaper(s) along with him and chit-chat with me. Today, because i was a little bit "chased by deadlines" about a lot of things, i don't really wanted to talk to him. So, when he just blurted "Bunga...", i replied "Nice new haircut, Ching-Hung". And then, he blushed and...left speechlessly. Hahahaaaa....*mulai kurang ajar mode on ;p*


Ario Muhammad said...

Emang rambut barunya unik ?
Ching-Hung romantis juga yaks... jalan2 sama girlfriend nya... andai saja dia muslim.. sudah gemetaran ingat kesalahan2nya dah... *ngomong ga jelas*

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Hmmm...just an ordinary man haircut. But, i never talked about his appearances before. We always talk about politics, world issues and some experiments stuff. So, i just knew that if i talked about something that out of our usual topics, he wouldn't be able to comprehend it. Hehehe.

Romantics? Maybe. BENARRRR (*take a deep breath and sighing). Sepertinya dia tak se-cupu dan se-nerdy penampilannya.

Jd inget. Dia juga pernah narik2 kerudungku dan nanya, "Bunga, how to call this?". *masih sebel mode on*
Terus bilang "It will be very convenient if i can wear "kerudung" too when i ride a motorcycle. To protect me from dust". *ckckckckkk...fungsi kerudung bukan utk itu, dodol* Hehehehe...begitulah^^