Friday, July 10, 2009

Day Five : Gel Electrophoresis ; Intense Yeast Genetics Class

Today, i was helping Mia to run gel electrophoresis. This one was for her research, not mine. She said i'm getting better on it. Hehehe...that's because of you, Mia^^.
For my summer course third class, i can guess, it was getting difficult and intense. I think almost all the participants are getting "immerse" to Dr. Chang's lectures. Btw, today, all of the sudden he decided to know and memorize all of the summer course participant names (*i'm so dead). Now i have a reason to graduate soon as a sleepy head. He knew my name already. Hehehe.
Dr. Chang : So,'s my lectures so far? Can you understand it well?
Me : Ehehehe, your lectures are apparently rather hard to understand by a food science student, Sir (*alesssan ;p).
Dr. Chang : Oh, don't worry about that. You just need to READ. You'll catch up pretty fast if you do that. I can give you extra references about the basic of yeast genetics if you want. Or you can just googling it. There're thousands of references about it at the internet. (*busyet...;p).
Me : (*smiled painfully), thank you Sir...i'll try to googling it later.

*on_fire_mode_on to study yeast genetics even harder*

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