Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome to Academia Sinica

Today is my first summer course and internship at Academia Sinica. At the very beginning, i was planning to go to this place by the shuttle bus which operates back and forth between NTU and Academia Sinica. But, because i wasn't really sure about the bus, i've changed my plan. I went here by MRT and city bus. Hohoho...risky choice, actually. Considering my lacks of everything. But, yeah...guts is all i have. So, as always...the "HAJAR" formulae worked^^. But, this risky decision almost cost me gone astray. Not in the MRT part, but in the bus part. I have no clue at all about Academia Sinica, yet i didn't ask anyone. *pekok*
But fortunately, my instict was working more than everything. Hehehe. When i felt like "this is the place i should get off from the bus", i hit the bus bell button. At first, i got confused. Where is this place??? Then, i asked someone on the street and she said that i just have to turn right and Academia Sinica was there. Wahahahaaaa...LUCKY^^.
Where is Institute of Biomedical Science? ^^
1st Day Summer Course
Today's course was not so bad, really. Still talking about the yeast introduction, the propagation, recent researches, etc. But...i was soooo sleepy. This eyes...OMG...sticked. My second row seat cannot motivated me to stay alert and conscious. Yet, in the end of the premier lecture, Dr. Tien-Hsien Chang said "Congratulations ! None of you have fell asleep". just didn't notice it, Sir ;p!
The Summer Course Place
1st Day Internship
I thought today's internship will be merely an introduction. But, i happened that i have to attend the lab meeting. Don't ask. I was struggling really hard to open my sticked eyes back then. ^^

Speaking of internship, i will introduce my internship place. This Microbial Laboratory in Institute of Biomedical Science owned by Dr. Sen-Lin Tang, is...PERFECT. Full of laboratory equipments, namely the newest laminar flow, the old 'til newest PCR, hi-tech mutation detector, fluoroscent microscope, complete standard apparatus, and...Dr. Tang's most precious bioinformatics devices (*including two hard-to-explain servers). W.O.W^^! Although i haven't got my cubicle to stay, but i'm more than happy that Dr. Tang gave me an opportunity to help his research. Alhamdulillah^^. Start from tomorrow, i'll do my research. Can't hardly wait^o^.
Institute of Biomedical Science Building
Dr. Tang's Lab

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