Friday, September 25, 2009

Becoming President of ISA-NCYU [*whew]

On 28th July, i received a message from Clare, ISA's (Int'l Students Association) instructor's assistant, that i've chosen to become the Vice President of ISA. At that time, i thought..."Well, OK. I only become the Vice President, so it wouldn't cost me anything. The President will handle everything and i just need to back her up". But..hahhahaaa...that silly thought was merely a thought. Although i was chosen as a Vice President, i am actually The President itself. Confused enough? Same here =)). OK, let me break it down. In NCYU, there is no way in the world that a graduate student can be a President of ISA-NCYU. Period. That's the rule. Considering graduate students have rather shorter period of study, that's why the president must be an undergrads. For my case, because i'm a graduate student, OIA needs to "hide" the fact that i'm the real president, thus OIA put the vice president title on me. matter what and how, it's just too ridiculous to me. But...what can i say....

Thinking back again about my former former former experiences, most often i always ended up become THE LEADER, ever since i was in elementary school. Well, i have no idea whether those leader-image has been embedded on me nor suit me well, but that's the facts. So, knowing about that upsetting thing happened to me, i was like "here it goes again...".

Started from a few weeks ago, because new students were coming, my hands are getting full. I wish i have some extra hands (plus heads...or bodies T-T). Conducting new students orientation, scheduling those and that meeting, planning this and that festivals, int'l events and everything. I am SUPER-PACKED. Moreover, Mrs. Yang, the instructor of ISA is definitely a PERFECTIONIST. Two words can describe her : STRICT and DISCIPLINE. No space for mistakes (*whew). She even mentioned this : "This year, we have to arrange MORE EVENTS, Bunga. We have to show everyone that ISA is well-maintained and really become int'l students center of activities". Hahahaaa..aa..a..i could only smiled weakly as a response.

Well, since it's already happened, there's no way back. OK, I'LL DO MY BEST!

...بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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