Monday, March 1, 2010

Chiayi for 2010's Taiwan Lantern Festival

huRRaaaaaY!!! I cannot express how grateful i am after being informed that Chiayi will be a host for 2010's Taiwan Lantern Festival. There always plenty of privileges for the host-city [*finally proud to be one of Chiayi City's temporary-resident ;p], that's why i'm looking forward to mingle at that event, badly....what else, except for fireworks-hunting ;p.

7-minute cycling was apparently rather fun when we know that something awesome will waiting for us out there :D. 30 minutes before the kick off started, i was already on the spot. WHEWWW...i have never seen Chiayi THIS PACKED [*shocked]. Even finding a parking lot for tying up Bugi [= electric pole, tree and such ;p] was extremely difficult. Alhamdulillah, i finally found one. Then, when i was about to unlock Bugi's chain, i realized that I FORGOT TO BRING ALONG THE KEY. Arrrrgggghhh!!!! *upset*

Without hesitation, i headed back to my dormitory to get the key. Let me tell you that although it only takes 7 minutes to go to Chiayi Park [= place where the Lantern Fest is hold], it takes more than two-fold of that time to go back, considering my lovely campus is located UPHILL. *sigh*

Let's skip my hardship to get back and forth between those two places. Finally...with my super fast cycling ability [*hhahhahhh] 10 MINUTES before the kick off started, i was already immersed with thousands of people who also have the same intention like me. Here's my superb video of the kick off after sodok-sana-sini attempt ;p ;p. YIHHAAAA^^V!!!!

Couldn't hold any longer with the crowds, after took some pictures, i headed back to the dormitory. But before that, one more ridiculous thing happened [*this kinda thing is definitely part of my flavorful life. hhahhaahhh]. When i was at the place where i got Bugi chained, i found a woman stood and put her stuff at Bugi's handlebars. I was like "Huh, what the heck this woman doing????". Then, tried to be as polite as possible, i said "這個是我的腳踏車". She replied "Blah..blah..blah [*in Chinese]" while pointing at the cast-iron bar where i have Bugi chained. She showed me how she can loosely moved that bar!!!! MASYA ALLAH!!! I thought i chained Bugi at a solid-safe place. She tried to explain to me that she stood there in order to guard my bike. Whuaaahhhh...i was very touched with her kindness. I almost lost my bike again.Tsk tsk tsk...Bungaaaaaaa!!!! *hammering my head*

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