Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Hilarious ISA-NCYU Meeting + "Fire in The Husk"

Last night was ISA-NCYU last meeting for this semester. Actually, everything was just great. I mean, knowing the fact that "fire in the husk" is flaming inside almost every-ISA-NCYU-member*, I was quite amazed that everyone can keep the "flame" buried.

Well, last night's meeting was quite special because someone came up and explain about the whole youth-travel-in-Taiwan things. The episode of youth-traveling-guide will be posted later :D. I'll reveal merely the meeting content here.

First, we talked about int'l students' shopping schedule. I was like " it necessary to do the shopping thingy all together???". But Robin said this is very important, thus our campus will provide a bus to help the students to load their stuff easily. When i heard from Ella about the reason why Robin insisted to put this monthly-activity in ISA-NCYU schedule, i was cracked up. "Once, Robin caught red-handed Ajeng brought all of her shopping stuff in her bicycle, Mbak", Ella said. Hahahaaaa...Robin thought that we have a hard time doing that. Actually for us (*incl. Ajeng), that kinda thing is nothing. It's usual to load your stuff in your bicycle basket, right? (*i even successfully load my stuff in my no-basket-bike ^^V). *ROFL*

Second, we discussed about next semester's trip. Hahahaaa...after "influencing" (*threatening? ;p) almost everyone, my dream place gets voted (*presiden yg licik =))). If everything goes well, we will go to Kinmen Island. When i asked "Robin, do we need to pay the whole trip fee by our self? (*stupid-trying-to-be-diplomatic question ;p)....she fastly replied "Of course". *lol*. "But our campus will give us subvention, right?", i was trying to confront her. "Yes, but you still have to pay, that's why i always remind you to save money", she answered. *iye2*. "Well, it's gonna be expensive, then", i said. "Sure. Because we need to get on the plane to reach Kinmen Island", she answered again. Then, somebody was raised hand and said "Maybe we should make our plan B, just in case". Then i blurted "OK then, the plan B is going to Chiayi Park and cycling together. No need money to do that. Such a perfect plan B, right ?". Then everyone was just laughing hard. Robin even said "I'm glad that we have such a smart president as Bunga". *LMAO*
Off-the-record : two of Vietnamese students are both car sick people. When they heard that we will go to Kinmen Island, one of them said "We're gonna die, for sure". *ROFL*

Smile happily, although flammable "fire in the husk" was all around ;p

*"fire in the husk" story
Seems like, day by day, Office of Int'l Affairs working performance is getting worse. The uncertain-time of scholarship is actually become the main topic. But the story behind the late-scholarship is definitely getting on everyone's nerves. In order to get the scholarship in NCYU, every students have to hand in their working-hours-sheet (WHS) to the officer. But can you imagine if the officer is careless; forgot where to put your precious WHS ??? Moreover, it happened repetitiously. Or, what if the officer forgot to transfer your scholarship money whereas the money is already on her hand ??? And shockingly, this ridiculous things she's done is always catch red-handed by us. *bloody angry*

This issue has already spread as fast as typhoon attack to every int'l students here. Some Thai students once told me about this. As much as Indonesian students who are my friends. I didn't hear any complaints from Vietnamese or other countries students. *they must be bloody rich, hence they don't really give a hell care to the scholarship money ;p*
Then, my things-to-do would be : "Discuss this problem with the officer and Robin". \m/


Anonymous said...

yah elah...pake "fire in the husk" segala...api dalam sekam cukup bu... must everything be internationalized???

i think you are in a great mood of blogging...I keep wondering your YM status which was "typing...typing 33x" is typing everything for your forgettable blog in a draft and publish it every hour...MY GOSH... :lol:

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Hahahaaaa...hbs apa coba bahasa enggresnya "api dlm sekam" klo bukan "fire in the husk"? ;p *pengen nyari idiom yg mirip dlm bhs enggres, tp ga ketemu...mungkin kamu tau, Pan^^?*

Not really, actually. I have a "wake-up-call" a few days ago and...abracadabra..just started to typing like before ^^.

*ROFL* My "typing 33x" YM status is always for something else, Panda...never for this blogging purpose ;). My got it all wrong =))