Sunday, January 10, 2010

Youth Travel in Taiwan

See that picture ? I am very ENVIOUS. How much money did Taiwan Government expend for tourism advertisement purpose??? *i want to know to death*
When will Indonesia be able to provide this kinda service...whole nine yards. *took centuries i guess*

On ISA-NCYU's last meeting, i got this whole package of youth travel in Taiwan brochures and booklets. All is impressive, eye-catching and revealing.

Brochure no.1 titled "Let's be friends; Youth Travel in Taiwan" packed with the basic information about "getting to know Taiwan"; its festivals, its cultures, its foods, etc etc.   
Here is some worth note links :
Here is some worth note hotlines :
1. Tourism Bureau Call Center/24-hour Travel Consultancy Hotline : +886800011765
2. Youth Travel Consultancy Tel : +886233225550

Brochure no. 2 titled "Let's be friends; TAIWAN; Youth Travel Card Special Discount Book" loaded with Taiwan's tourism spots for young travelers, completed with the address, phone number, admission tickets fee, transportation to get there and closest hostel/hotel to stay at. The awesome part of having YTC (Youth Travel Card --> no. 6) is every places we want to travel will be discounted 15-30 %. *whew...superb!*

Leaflet no. 3 titled "Youth Travel in Taiwan; Let's be friends" is filled with youth travel information services, like TR Pass + Taipei Pass and Budget Accommodation. I will type down some important information written in this leaflet :
TR Pass
For young international youths between the ages of 15-30, all you need is your passport and either an International Student Identity Card to purchase a TR Pass (Taiwan Rail Pass). You can buy 5-day (NT$599), 7-day (NT$799), and 10-day (NT$1098) passes which allow you to ride the Chukuang, Fuhsing, the Electric, or the Ordinary train an unlimited amount of times within the allotted time period.
See this link for further information :
For Taipei Pass, the provided passes are : 1-day (NT$180), 2-day (NT$310), 3-day (NT$440) and 5-day (NT$700). Check this link for details :

Leaflet no. 4 titled "Let's be friends" is merely remind the young travelers about the advantages of having YTC and buying TR Passes.

Brochure no. 5 titled "Let's be friends; the 12 reasons for the int'l youth travelers to visit Taiwan" is just like its title, selling some prominent points which are believed to be owned by this country. They are : English spoken, friendly people, geographical variety, various activities, excellent food, convenient transportation, inexpensive accommodation, learning Mandarin, cultural heritage, democratic and freedom, technologically advanced environment, and finally...diversity. *hmmm...sounds very "tempting"...advertisement-typical language ;p*

Leaflet no. 8 is....ALL CHINESE writing...*ROFL*. Just about the same with the previous brochures and leaflets^^.

Oh..and no. 7 is a postcard, btw. I should've asked more...i love postcard ;p.

Well, i hope that the information i've provided here is useful to anyone who loves traveling. All in all, let's TRAVEL all around Taiwan...*while your YTC is still valid...xixixi...^^V*

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