Monday, February 1, 2010

Recommended Places to Buy Daily Needs in Taiwan

The second episode of 'Survival Guide in Taiwan' will give you an information about places to buy your daily needs. Remember to shop wisely (*it's a reminder for myself too #tongue)!

1. RT-Mart (大潤發 ; dàrùnfā)

If you want to get a grocery-priced goods, do your deals here. RT-Mart is a good choice and it's definitely better than Carrefour. Trust me.

2. PX-Mart (全聯福利中心; quánliánfúlìzhōngxīn)

PX-Mart is not a grocery supermarket. Things a little bit pricey here, but lots of choice of its goods make people attracted to shop in this place. If you want to buy a variety of Taiwan-ish snacks such as mochi (莫基; mòjī), iron eggs (鐵蛋; tiědàn), etc, this place provides tons of them, in a quite affordable price.

3. Poya Living Mart (寶雅生活館; bǎoyǎshēnghuóguǎn)

Poya has its own uniqueness, that's why it's called "living mart". Almost every daily goods can be found here. And btw, it's Ming Chia Mei's huge competitor in providing variety of things. Note that almost everything being sold here comes out in a cute-and-irresistible forms. You'll tempted to buy this and that even though you ain't a shopaholic. Be careful when you go to this 'dangerously pocket drainer' place :D. It's a warning.

4. Ming Chia Mei (名佳美; míngjiāměi)

As I've mentioned earlier, MCM is Poya's competitor. Hence, those two stores have such a similar 'atmosphere'. But let me tell you that the DETERGENT in MCM is ALWAYS VERY CHEAP. #FTW

5. Convenience Stores (便利店; biànlìdiàn)

If you don't have time to go for a shopping frenzy on a grocery supermarket or when you're in a rush to buy something, you can always count on the convenience stores. Whether it's 7-Eleven, Family Mart or Hi-Life, doesn't really matter because they're just about the same. The difference is 7-11 is way more popular and ubiquitous (*my Academia Sinica's professor told me that 7-11 can be spotted every 500 meters here in Taiwan. How awesome is that :D?!). And btw, in my personal opinion, some foods that sold in Hi-Life is 難吃, so you might consider 7-Eleven or Family Mart for your stomach satisfactory reason #grin
P.S : I'll suggest you to make a member card if you're willing to be a "loyal" customer.  Besides for collecting points' purpose, having a member card is always very handy and it does worth it.

6. Traditional Market (市場; shìchǎng)

This one is my favorite along with RT-Mart. Things are cheap and bargainable, fresh and plenty. You couldn't ask for more...

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