Friday, April 23, 2010

Avatar in .mp4

It's been "decades" since Transformers : Revenge of The Fallen, last movie i watched [*i'm definitely no longer sufi [= suka film] sect distinguished member :p]. But with the big fuss of James Cameron movie titled Avatar, i've tantalized. Heck, Bung...that movie is "a past" ! Where have you been? [*raise hand and answer : LAB! :))]. 

Even though i barely have time to waste [*even my podcasts have been queuing silently to get watched or listened], i decided to browse the downloadable version of it from the internet. 

Usually, i can only find movies in an acceptable quality avi format, which actually i don't like. Because i always watch movie from my iPOD, that happens to be incompatible with avi format files. Hence, i need more time to be wasted to convert avi format movie to iPOD-iTunes compatible file [*.mp4 or .m4v] using my all time favorite converter, WinFF. Trying to comprehend that as powerful as it can be, a free converter cannot work as fast as a thunder :p. That's why finding the Avatar's .mp4 becomes my goal. After a while, i got this "treasure". Life couldn't get any better ^^.

Now i have a nice companion during my next "trip" to Taichung. Well, i'll just consider it as a compliment for my 24/7 hard work at lab.

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