Monday, April 19, 2010

Taiwan Intercity Buses

The order indicates frequency in taking them as my transportation preferences.

1. Guo-Guang Bus (國光客運; guó guāng kèyùn)

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2. Ho-Hsin Bus (和欣客運; hé xīn kèyùn)

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3. U-Bus/United Highway Bus (統聯客運; tǒng lián kèyùn)

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4. Free Go Bus (建明客運; jiàn míng kèyùn)

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For other type of buses, check out here.

P.S : I found that Guo-Guang is the most "just right" among all; the price, service and "stopping spot". What i meant "stopping spot" is Guo-Guang always stop precisely at the main train station of each city in Taiwan, which what i feel really convenient. Compare to U-Bus which usually stops quite far from the train station. Means, extra walking is certainly needed. But if you don't mind walking to safe a couple of NT$ [*U-Bus is the cheapest among all], go ahead.

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