Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wrap it up neatly, Bung!

Having a brand new research topic just two and a half months before the graduation is definitely SOMETHING. Seeing others are already busy with the final defense preps while i have to start over from the very beginning is certainly DEPRESSING. But what can i say except "GANBARIMASU" ?! Anything is possible. My advisor apparently has the same thought with me. "Stand up tall", he said. I know that i have to work my ass off in order to wrap everything up and be able to graduate on time. Does it sound absurd? Not at all, for me.

Now i have to list some reasons in order to make my motivation crystal clear.  OK, here they are :

1. Gembil's wedding
I'll definitely skip my brother's graduation day. Not to mention that i will also miss his lamaran procession. I already hate those, hence i will make sure that i'm not gonna miss his wedding.

2. Master revenge plan
It will start by November 2010. Remember that you have to take iBT, prepare the docs, bla bla bla. Don't dare to procrastinate, Bunga!!! **

3. ARC extension, Dormitory transfer, Tuition fee payment and such
Just trying to imagine the whole procedures of those, make me stroked by a painful headache. 

4. Father's coming
I don't know where should i hide my face if later my father really comes here and attends my commencement, whereas....i haven't graduated yet. In addition, asking him to dig deeper in his pocket to pay for my next semester's tuition fee. Just thinking about it, makes me feel disgusted to myself.


Anonymous said...

heee...??? dude...gema mau nikah??? kapan???

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Hehehe..insya Allah September, Dude :). Namun tanggalnya belum pasti mengingat keluarga besar masih berdiskusi^^. Do'akan semoga semua lancar ya, Dude :D.