Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kurang Kerjaan

I remember around a year ago after being chosen as part of Media Bureau, i felt uneasy, to be exact in what so-called website maintaining stuff. I knew nothing about web hosting! How in the world that i can maintain a website %$#@!? After being introduced to another friend who was "assigned" to be my team mate and got an impression that he's very capable in web maintaining stuff [*he's a computer science student], i felt less weary. But, well, things ain't as beautiful as my imaginations. It's not like he's incapable to do the aforementioned things, but his willingness in sparing some of his time to maintain the web was apparently rather low. Simply saying, i felt even stressful knowing the fact that i've faced those boundaries, my incapability and my comrade's halfheartedness. 

OK, enough for the long-winding so-yesterday-curcol. One thing for sure, it takes time to be able to master the whole "media" thingy, such as web maintaining/hosting. Now, although i still feel really "stupid" in that thing, i know that my skill is slightly improving. Looked very revengeful to the things i couldn't do before, yesterday i tried to do things i've been wanting to do...transforming FORMMIT website.

1. Radio module [check]
2. Youtube module [check]
3. IE browser's user friendly template [check]
4. Scrolling hadits module [adios]
5. Running text module [adios]
6. IP address detector module [adios]

Not bad, eh? :D

After understand how HTML code works, module installation procedures and such, transforming website feels so easy. Hahahhaaa...l.u.n.a.s beneran :).


Anonymous said...

ternyata masih tangan dingin mu tah yg melakukan,xixixi
sudah curiga siy, dengan warnanya yg hijau dan tumpukan warna-warni disebelah lambang formmit :P

aku suka dengan tampilan yang baru ^_____^
tampak begitu HIDUP

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Xixixi, iya, Rinc. Sudah kepengen dr dulu mentransformasi web FORMMIT [at least] menjadi seperti yang kau lihat sekarang. Dulu ga bisa karena masih sangat bodoh, sekarang...lumayan lah :).

Ayeee^^! Makasih, Rinc. Btw, module comments di bagian FORMMIT events sudah kuaktifkan lho. Kan kamu dulu bilang pengen komen2 gitu...sekarang bisa tuh. Xixixi...

Emmi said...

keren bunga bikinnya..otodidak yea..hehehe

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Hehehe..makasih, Emmi :).

Iya, sikat sana-sini..coba ini-itu. Xixixi...