Monday, December 22, 2008

Why ? Warum ? Doushite ?

Why on earth this ridiculous things happened ?
I've became the member of this blog since Dec 2007, but this is my first posting (*never mind, no need to answer that question ^^). 

To be honest, before today, i don't really have even a slight of confidence in doing what so called blogging-stuff. Hontou desu yo. But i guess day by day, the needs of blurting things out from my mind and heart are getting irresistible (*gosh...pathetic ;p). That's also why this blog named "every cloud has a silver lining" (*i hope that i can (always) see even the slightest positive side of every single problem i've faced, especially here, when i'm far far away from my family and have to survive on my own).
So, here i am right now, "officially" become a blogger. Yokoso, Bung ^o^....

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