Monday, February 7, 2011

Drop That Beat

Just like an ordinary girl, my Junior-Senior High periods were filled with memories of various boy band namely Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Westlife, Plus One, etc. It's normal, isn't it? For me, the one and only boy band that not-only-selling-looks is Backstreet Boys. Not only because some of them can play instruments, but also because ALL OF THEM CAN SING WELL. Yes. A bar sinister usually throws to boy band is they can't sing. Ehm, if they can sing well, they'll surely become a solo artists, won't they =p?

I forgot when was exactly Nyu2 buzzed me ONLY to tell this*** video clip. (Luckily) one of my Facebook friends already posted I-heart-you on her wall, thus, sorry, Nyu...I wasn't as "amazed" as you back then. Hahaha. "Mo ngikut-ngikut Super Junior tapi gatot deh", Nyu2 said. So true [*I almost fainted painfully after watching their hilarious video clip]. I guess the boy band era in Indonesia has passed after M.E, Cool Colors and Coboy's heydays were faded. After that, boy bands are no longer acceptable for music lovers in Indonesia. Musical talents are highly appreciated than a mere good looks. That's why group bands are plentiful. But then, in 2010's Q3, a new boy band debuted. They name themselves SM*SH, the same name as a disbanded Korean boy band [*even their name is not original. Ckckck]. 

Speaking about Korean boy bands, I personally think that they are different in terms of training and pre-debut time. They are practicing really hard, abroad if it's necessary, to improve their singing-dancing skills. Once, I watched one of the Korean boy band's documentary and flabbergasted to see how hard-working they are. Apparently, being an artist in Korea is very strenuous and madly competitive. But that long-winding process makes them a devoted ones, not an instant artists. At least that's what I heard from the media. So, in order to see how good their performances are, after last year's total loss to snatch Super Junior's Super Show 2 ticket, I watched Dream of Asia Concert in Banqiao. haHAaHAAA! *benar-benar tidak tahu diri. Of course DTT was with me =p. Well, at least my curiosity of how-awesome-this-guys-are has paid. Conclusions? Hmmm...they are good. The most important thing is, they are HUMAN BEINGS too, just like us. Hence, it's not wise to idolize them to a sickening degree. 以上.

P.S : Me and DTT were unmistakably the oldest among the hi-schoolers fans. Ahahaha...Bunga, time to stop =p.

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