Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Greatest Enemy Is Myself

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Wow, it's been ages since I'm blogging XD. Where I've been? (*it sounds extremely WEIRD to ask that sort of question to your-very-self, trust me :p).

Let's light up this long gone blogging spirit with something as serious as this post title. Recently, I'm kind of realized that "I'm A SCARY girl", literally. "Scary" here doesn't have to do with personality, though. I found myself "scary" because I just realized that I have a humongous hidden weakness that I always boasted to others as my strong point. Confused? Same here XD. Well, "that" thing is no other than my inability to motivate myself. True. How come I lived with that false feelings this whole 27 years? I think the answer is because I NEVER really faced an entangled problem just like NOW.

Before I headed to Taiwan for my study, I always lived with my family. It was kind of usual for me to go in between cities or islands by myself to visit some relatives, but still...home and the people inside it were always become my "sanctuary". I'm especially have a very good relationship with my father. Hence, no matter how hard things or problems slammed me, I could rely on him every time. I always counted on him to cheer, motivate, and boost the-collapsed-me. In the end, I never really tried to do a so-called "self-motivating". 

So, here I am. Still testing and struggling how to successfully motivate myself while encountering a crisis, -in wrapping up my study to be exact. Will I succeed? Let's wait and see.

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