Monday, June 15, 2009

Bugi's First Trip to Tainan

Finally, Bugi was experiencing the HOT-Tainan^^. Yesterday, because i couldn't find any "safe" place to park Bugi (*as if Bugi is an expensive car or so ;p), i brought Bugi along with me to Tainan. Yappari, even without Bugi around i'm already a "celebrity" here. With Bugi next to me, i got more "attentions" from the train passengers. *i wish i could be invisible*
Yeah, yeah...Bugi is a folding bike, but still, because i hate "ribet"-thingy, bringing Bugi was such a nuisance. Bugi is 10.2 kgs and my bag was around 7 kgs. So, you can imagine how inconvenient it was. But then, the nuisance of bringing Bugi along got paid because i can ride Bugi here and there Tainan. Including when i got thoroughly lost. Hehehe. I wanted to go to Beimen Road to find something. But then, i got confused by the whole crowded traffics and ended up at Jhongshan Road. happened a lot (*me got lost ;p). Btw, i just realized that Bugi is actually not suitable for the rainy season because Bugi has no FENDER*. These days, my skirt and everything are always all wet when i ride Bugi. I'm wondering whether i have to have my raincoat on every time i ride Bugi.

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*Fender is a piece of curved metal covering part of the wheel to protect the cyclist from being splashed.


Anonymous said...

raincoat is a must stuff to be brought...but for me as long as no typhoon around, i will feel the rhytm of the rain...(*sok2 jadi lady rain gitu..padahal abis ujan2an masuk angin...haghaghag...)

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

I know, Rit. That's why i always have it in my bag, But if i have to wear it on every time is very unpractical. Noh, kan aku bilang, si Bugi ga ada slebornya, jadi klo jalanan becek habis ujan, aernya tetep nyiprat2 mbasahin rok dan bajuku. Masa' ga ujan (*tp banyak genangan air) harus pake raincoat. Begono^^.

Hahahaaa..rhythm of rain apaan. Iya, paling ntar trs meriang seminggu. Hihihi.

Yougherina Sukamto said...

Sebel deeeeeeeeh
masih lum bisa ngisi guest book nya..
Kenapa ya T_T

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Hahahaaa...ya ya...ntar kupasangin SHOUTMIX, deh. Tp sabar ya, Youg...i'll be in between cities for the whole week. I hope i can find an internet connection somewhere, ASAP^^.