Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exercise till Drop

"Selamat siang para penonton, kami ucapkan selamat datang"
"Good afternoon, Ladies Gentlemen, welcome to our dancing performance" (*ga bisa pake Ladies and Gentleman...rhyme-nya ga pas ;p)
"Wu3an1, da4jia1hao3, huan1ying2 guan1ling2, wo3men hen3 gao1xing1, wo3men performing" (*yang ini kesannya narji abis, sebelumnya yang bagian terakhir pengen ini : "wo3men hen3 gao1xing1 ni3men kan4 wo3men performing"...tapi kepanjangan dan rhyme-nya ga dapet. Xixixi...)

[source : http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs26/i/2008/119/7/b/Saman_Dance_by_indonesia.jpg]

How's that? Not bad, eh? That song is our creation for the upcoming Saman Dance that we will perform during International Festival opening in our campus. Lantan Gals definitely working damn hard during the exercise sessions^^. However, we're surely never forget to have a great time while exercising. Our dormitory's basement is always full of laughter every time we're there. I don't know why, but every movement mistakes we've made seems always tickling our laughter nerves. Xixixi..so much fun, really^^.

Anyhow, even though nobody says straightforwardly, but i realized two things. First, our heads are full of responsibility to promote Indonesian culture in front of others from another country. Second, we're betting our country's name in this what so called international event. So, i believe none of us able to take this "lightly" or fooling around.

Well, next week will be the D-Day^^. Wish us luck :)...

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