Thursday, March 11, 2010


Until now, i still cannot believe this thing is actually happened to me. It's like a blast of a dream. I remember last time i was accompanying Ust. Habib and wife along with Eti and took thousands of pictures [*to be exact, 2682 pictures] during that 4-day tiresome trip. And then, a week ago, my Classic was acting weird....eventually....stopped working. I was like yelling to him : "I didn't mishandle you...i always treat you well!". But he kept silent as a dumb. 

After that, a few hours ago, someone asked me some of the pictures during the aforementioned trip. Of course i replied "No probs, wait a sec, i'll get those pictures for you". Later, i looked through my photo stacks and ended up SHOCKED. There's NO SINGLE PICTURE of that trip. Astaghfirullahal'adziim. Keep reciting istighfar and tried to search in my laptop and both of my external hard disks over and over again, but still no sign of those 2682 pictures. *dumbfounded*

In the end, I finally remember that i put those pictures in my stopped-working-iPOD. aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRggggggGGGGGhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! This is more devastating compare to previous-Bugi's loss.

Lesson learnt : NEVER PUT YOUR PRECIOUS files or pictures or anything worth-this-world to you in your iPOD. This device is unstable as a storage drive.


Anonymous said...

hihihi...your lovely iPod has come to an end...please find a new device to be fond of in the future...

eLLe said...

Sabarr..orang sabar pan*** nya lebar (sumber:anonim)=P

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

@ Panda : This stopped-working iPOD is the new one, Panda. I was just reselling the old one two months ago and got this "new comer". *sigh*

@ Elle : Hahhahhaaahhh...pantes saya ga sabar-an. PAN*** saya SINGSET bin MUNGIL sih *whistling*