Saturday, September 18, 2010


If anybody ever asks me how does it feel to gather with my family after two years living abroad, I will answer in one simple word. PRICELESS. We seldom feel grateful about things in our surroundings; things we see, meet and feel every day. But once those things are taken away from us, we’ll soon realize how precious they are. Having lived with my family for almost the rest of my life, at first, I sense freedom when the Letter of Acceptance from NCYU arrived. “Yes!!! Finally I’ll be able to taste my independence”, that was my thought two years ago. After stepped my feet in Taiwan and living my life there, misery is what I feel. I am completely hopeless when it comes to adapting and adjusting with the new environment. Takes longer than the average ones. Well, somehow, I manage myself alive until now. That’s a good sign. Xixixi…

So, after have a reunion with my family for the first time in two years and celebrated eid el fithr with them, I keep reciting “alhamdulillah” in every single second of my “togetherness” with them. I still remember my mother picked me up at the airport with her misty eyes. Not to mention that I was very lucky Sunett and Kneeta also spared their busy schedule to meet me there. Life couldn’t get any better. A few days later, a warm hug from my father, the person I missed the most, completed the joy of family gathering. The holy eid el fithr’s hype took me to the top of gratefulness-happiness. Unbelievably precious episodes.

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