Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Source : http://tinyurl.com/3wvk742
Dōngguā cházhuān***. Winter melon rock sugar. And...what the heck is that :D? It's a mixed-simmered-molded-refrigerated winter melon (*beligo, in Bahasa Indonesia) plus brown sugar and black sugar. At first, this brown-blackish block-shaped stuff didn't attract my eyes. But then, one of my friends made a glass of drink out of that stuff. And this picky girl LOVED it :D! If you like to buy drinks at Taiwan's tea stores, you'll almost always find this what so-called dōngguā chá (冬瓜茶). It has a distinctive aroma which definitely can indulge your nose buds. Give it a try or you might want to consider this 冬瓜茶砖 as a gift for your loving ones at home :D

***冬瓜茶砖 in the nearby store. A block costs only NTD35

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