Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Source : http://www.tychb.gov.tw
B : Papa, selamat hari ayah^^. Love you, Dad*** :*
P : Subhanallah...ternyata orang Taiwan menghargai ayah. Terima kasih, anakku.

^^My father is definitely doesn't know that there's a father's day in Indonesia celebrated every November 12 XD~~~

Yesterday was father's day in Taiwan. Unlike many other countries that celebrate this day on the third Sunday of June, Taiwan government proclaimed August 8 as the day to honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Why it has to be August 8? Because "father" in Chinese language (爸爸) pronounced as "bàba" which happens to have the same pronunciation as "eight" (). Hence, every "" or "day 8, month 8" (= August 8) people in Taiwan celebrate father's day.

Nonetheless, yesterday, I was kind of "tempted" to text my father and expressed my longing for him :D. Honestly, I become "cheesy"*** (*better be read : "affectionate") after I'm getting closer to Astri. Previously, saying or texting three words as in "I love you" or "I miss you" to my parents, -two most important persons on earth-, still sounds ticklish to my ears. I used to think that it's a very tacky (*norak) way to express my feelings. I'd rather "act" than "selling words". It's always been my nature. There are a lot of times that I couldn't express my feelings through words too. So well, yeah...it just happened to be like that^^. Despite the fact that I was being affectionately raised by my parents, I'm growing up as a girl with unnecessary amount of dignity XD. All in all, I'm getting realized that those kind of "cheesiness" is somehow NECESSARY when it comes to CHERISHING precious people around us. Superfluous dignity must be thrown away. Yeah...alrite then. Let's be more affectionate^^!

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