Monday, April 30, 2012

Higher Stage

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"Do you plan to pursue your Ph.D degree?", someone asked. Started from now, I guess I'll keep answering "Of course....I have no choice" XD. (*belagu amat gue. ini S2 aja belum kelar2 =)))

I always remember my father ever said like this, "You have to be better than me, Nak". Well, in my opinion, most normal parents would say so. Wouldn't they? But somehow, I can feel even deeper meaning in my father's sentence. A burden? Yeah..that one too. But actually more like an EXPECTATION

Honestly, I never imagined my humble-low profile father would ever pursue his Ph.D. Moreover, he successfully finished it in a mere two years! He's really someone, isn't he :D #proud? He never really aggressively intended to pursue a higher academic rank. That's why he felt like Master's degree was an O.K thing. But well, I'm not really sure his "driving-force" back then when he decided to pursue a higher academic rank. Let's say that the demand from his department or more widely Gadjah Mada University (GMU) for their lecturers are getting extremely high, hence he didn't have another option aside from doing so. I think I can conclude this as a causatum of global competitiveness. The one who failed to meet the expectations of global competitiveness, will be terminated.

The world is rapidly changing. So does the people who are living there; they need to change in order to be able to perfectly fit in.

Another simple examples are my siblings. I wouldn't forget that my little brother ever said that he didn't want to pursue his Master's degree after his college graduation. He just wanted to get married and work earnestly in his field of interest. How about now? He already enrolled in one of the private universities in Yogyakarta for his MBA. See? My little sister is no different. Although this is only her third year in college, she has tackled her required courses and still managed to get a scholarships from GMU (*tsk..tsk..tsk). Next semester, she's planning to conduct her KKN and then she'll fly to her long awaited country of preference to pursue her Master's degree. So, how can I not answer "Of course..I have no choice"? Haha~

All in all, I guess this sort of "forced by nature/family backgrounds" is a good-enough reason for me to run forward. Although I'm still kind of dillydally when it comes to the preference of my major, I guess I can see my goal clearly upfront. Yes, 加油! Bismillah...


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Kekeke...Bu Mitha bacain semua postingan saya ya XD?

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