Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dreams Come True (part 2)

Dr. L : Oh, well. Prof. W is actually very nice. But he has his own unique way to express his kindness; nice and kind but a little bit tough. 
Me : Beughhh...pantesan aye dapet "bonus" semprotan pas pertama kali ketemu dulu XD. But Dr. L, I've secured my plane ticket to Indonesia by next Tuesday. #wails
Anyhow, after received Dr. L's full support, I gritted my teeth* and decided to meet Prof. W to ask a favor. Even though I didn't know how would I explain my situation to him, I determined to do so. A few minutes later, another person came and assured everything. Her English name is Monica. She's a PhD student; my advisor's former student. She's also a researcher in one of the biotech companies in Chiayi.
Monica : Bunga, long time no see! #a little bit dramatic with hugging and almost teary scenes =))
How are you? I haven't seen you for ages. What's this form? 
Me : Monica, I've made up my mind to resign as a student here. I want to go home to pursue another degree in my country. This is a form of resignation and I'm here to ask for Prof. W's signature.
Monica : WHAT? No, no...please don't do that, Bunga. You've worked really hard here and you MUST go home happily with your certificate of degree!
Me : #sighing Dr. L just said the same thing, Monica. She asked me to meet Prof. W to find a way out for this complicated thing. But honestly, I just want to go home. #drama queen mode : ON
Monica : Listen to me, Bunga. Did you know that I also ran away from Dr. Y's** lab? We had a fight about my research and I decided to change advisor. Now I'm under Prof. W's advisory. He's very nice. I'll accompany you to meet him and explain everything to him. I'm sure he'll help you. Bunga, I understand your feeling because I've faced the same situation as you when I was under Dr. Y's advisory.
Hence, Monica became the second person (after Dr. L) who successfully shifted my decision, 180 degrees. After an hour or so, Prof. W came and we awkwardly met. Shortly after sat, Monica explained my A-to-Z situation to him.
Prof. W : Hmmm...honestly, right now I couldn't come up with any idea for your research project, Bunga. Okay, what about like this. Monica, because you've promised to help Bunga, I'll assign you to be her supervisor. Put her on the same research project with you. The solid state fermentation project from your biotech company. What do you think?
Monica : No probs, Prof. What do you think, Bunga?
Me : Nodding speechlessly (*bengong saking bahagianya) --> That research topic is the ONE THAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED!
Prof. W : If you agree, I'll be your new advisor. What do you say?
Me : Nodding extra speechlessly (*sampai hampir nangis di tempat) --> This kind-tough professor is the ONE THAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED to have as my advisor because he's the expert in food microbiology-food safety; my all favorite things.
Prof. W : Done deal!
So, Monica meanwhile Bunga is having her break in Indonesia, you have to arrange her experimental design, thus she can right away start her experiment once she comes back to Taiwan.
Me : Nodding extremely speechlessly (*akhirnya berkaca-kaca sambil tak berhenti mengucap syukur. Thank you, Allah~)
So, here I am. Start afresh as if I'm a new enrolled student :). Meanwhile, because I have to enroll as an extended student, I need to go home to Indonesia for a couple months and will be back there by July. 

Kun fayakun! Allah itu...KEREN :)! Rencana Allah itu...BEYOND KEREN! DREAMS COME TRUE~^^

*Grit one's teeth : to accept a difficult situation and deal with it in a determined way
**Dr. Y : my former advisor

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