Monday, September 21, 2009

My Second Eid El-Fithr in Taiwan

It feels like i was just celebrating my Eid El-Fithr in Kaohsiung and went to Cijin Beach with Laskar Chiayi, along with Eka and Sinta (*minus Elle^^), not long ago. *Natsukashii*
Eka, tentu saja si anti difoto itu yang memotret. *rindu*
Jangan cari kaki Komir...GA ADA. Xixixi...
Ini yg bikin Sinta^^
For my second Eid El-Fithr, i went to Tainan to do my Eid El-Fithr prayer. Don't think that i'll do the prayer in Tainan Masjeed, because it's way too small and too far from Tainan downtown. And actually, i don't really understand about this, but Tainan Masjeed is the most inaccessible among all masjeed in Taiwan. Weird, right? How come baitullah is barred to the public activities? Don't ask me...ask Tainan Masjeed's Imam.
OK, back to the track. Well, because i was responsible as a caterer (*read : PJ Konsumsi ;p) at D-Day, i went to Tainan the day before and stay overnight at De' Tince's room at NCKU dormitory. So, D-Day-minus-one, me and Laskar Tainan (*huhhh, De' Tince ngikut2 aja ;p) headed to Gongyuan Elementary School's Auditorium to finish our preps. After worked together, we broke our last fast (happily).

The most important thing i want to complain badly is NCKU dormitory, to be exact Sheng Li 6 dormitory...HAS NO AIRCON. Two small-tiny table fans were definitely failed to cool down the room. *wilted in the heat*
Why i complained badly about that? Because actually, that night, i barely able to sleep : 1. Because of the heat; 2. Because i have to write down 18 postcards for my family and friends. So, my needs of aircon was absolutely high. Xixixi...
Anyhow, maybe later if it happens to me to stay overnight again in that place (during the summer, of course), i'll try to do this things. *i really want to try "breathe like a dog" one ;p*

Although Eid El-Fithr prayer was planned to be held at 9.55 am, the whole Eid El-Fithr committee already standby at the spot by 7 am. Done this and that. Around 8 am, people started to come. Allaahu-Akbar. Allaahu-Akbar. Laa ilaaha illallah. Wa-Allaahu Akbar. Allaahu-Akbaar. Wa lillaahil-Hamd. Auditorium echoing with Eid El-Fithr takbeer. The prayer was started on time. After khutbah, recited do'a and shook hands, we ate some Indonesian cuisines which already cooked by mbak2 TKI (= Indonesian workers).
After everything was done, all of the sudden came a Taiwanese journalist. She was apparently rather interested in the crowd at Gongyuan Elementary School. So, she asked tons of questions about what's going on, Eid El-Fithr thingy, Muslims habits and many more (*whew). She told us that she wanted to write down an article about today's event. Then, Edo got an idea. Brilliant idea. He asked ME to write down an article for that journalist (*WHATTTT????). And because she wanted to put the article on the day after's news, so she asked me to send it by e-mail before 2 pm (*that was 12.30 pm back then). So, while the others were busy with the whole cleaning process, evaluation meeting and pictures taking, i was sat on the "remote" place, far from them, typed down the article in a RUSH. *what an experience!*
That's why, in the end, i felt bad mood because i was pushed to do something in such a short period. Thanks to Edo. *smirk*.
Last but not least, here are some of my Eid El-Fithr pictures :

Yang lain boleh dg tenang menanti sholat Ied dimulai, kita2, sie konsumsi kerja terooos (*tuh di belakang ono^^)
Minal 'aidin wal faidzin ya...*salam2an^^*
Saatnya mejeng^^
"Mbak2...antri njih", kata Wahidun^^
Taqobbalallahu minna wa minkum
Minal 'aidin wal faidzin


Anonymous said...

i think all of the exhaustion and the "heat" is worthed if you compare to the successful of the whole occasion held by all of you girls... :wink:

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Ehehehe, indeed, Pan^^. But, actually i didn't have a chance to FEEL THE SANCTITY of Eid El-Fithr because i was too busy doing those and that. But all in all, yeah...those are worth it^^. How about your Eid El-Fithr, Pan?