Monday, February 8, 2010

ThumbTacks + Classic 120 Gb = Perfect Match

I need a recorder. Hehehe. All this time, i never have a real recorder because i've been relying on my oldie mp3 player which has a recording feature. This what i called oldie is now getting "fragile". xixixi. That's why i need to find its successor ;p. While googling, i found this amusing video on Youtube. Call me nerd, but i never knew that my iPod can be a recorder as well, although it needs something to attach to.

So, what kinda gadget needs to be attached to my Classic 120 gigs? Googling again, and i got this. Cool, eh? But i'm kinda anxious to buy this small-tiny-microphone (*its even called micro-microphone on the ads *whew*), considering this careless me who easily get my stuff lost, fell, gone mysteriously, name it. Moreover, the ads mentioned that the thumb tack-identical microphone is (only) compatible with iPod Nano 4G and iPod Touch 2G. What about my Classic? *disappointed*. But then, after reviewing back Youtube video i've linked above, my hunch said that it will definitely compatible with my Classic. Kinda risky, but it worth to try ;p. I don't want to pass up the good deal, though. As a result, i ended up purchasing the phenomenal ThumbTacks on my way to Kaohsiung Masjeed (*hahahahaa...i'm not good at holding back something i've been craving). is...A PERFECT MATCH *hurray!!!* No need to install the third party apps either. Awesome, eh? *smiled victoriously*

Here's my new micro-mic (it costs NT$450) :

Instructions :

Simply plug in your ThumbTacks to the jack whenever you want to do the recording and voila...the Voice Memo menu will appear in your interface and you can record anything you want ^^V.

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