Friday, January 28, 2011

....and the show must go on

The most difficult part of having a privilege to extending study is telling the parents so. As for me, it's not only difficult, bitter, but shameful, all higgledy-piggledy. I hate making my parents sad, I hate telling them that I failed to score a triumph, I even more hate asking for their money. M.O.N.E.Y. This five letters of word always becomes my PRIDE [*the eldest's pride *coughing]. I never get used to ask for money even from my own parents. Let me make it clear. My parents indeed always give me a monthly allowance. Of course I'm still getting that from them. What I hate to do is asking extra money for something that I shouldn't ask, for something counted as needless. Like this circumstances I'm facing now. I should've not extended my study in this country for TWO EXTRA SEMESTERS. Two years should be enough to wrap up everything. 笨蛋 ! But in the end, I don't have any choice except doing so because the scholarships from the university had stopped since six or seven months ago. My father always says "Lho, ya ga pa pa, Nak. Kan kamu anak Papa. Minta uangnya ya sama Papa. Kecuali nanti kalau kamu sudah menikah, baru minta sama suamimu". *D'oh...Papa Y-Y.

I remember a few weeks ago, I was trying to hide the fact that I must stay here longer to my father. At that time, he told me to buy a notebook and I answered "Notebooknya nanti Bunga titipkan ke teman Bunga yang mau pulang saja ya, Pa". "Ya, it's OK, Nak. Bunga kapan pulang? Papa kangen", he replied. *Ouch [punctured]. I always bad in hiding something [*especially to my father], so, yeah...I ended up telling him the truth. When I told him that I'd rather going home than asking for another money from him to support my study, he texted a simple sentences [*which have successfully triggered the lacrimation on my eyes] "Jangan menyerah, Nak. Selesaikan semuanya dengan berani. Jangan pikirkan soal uang. Itu urusan Papa". *Weeping.

I couldn't forget that my dearest brother also encouraging me with his sharp-edged advice. "Semangat, Nge. Bisalah diselesaikan. Tapi ingat pesanku. Jangan boros. Kamu itu selalu ga tahan kalau lihat gadget baru. Sudah beli apa saja sejak kembali ke Taiwan, eh? Memang gaya hidupmu itu sungguh berbeda denganku". NYAHAHAHAAAA =)) *got a severe stomach cramps for laughing so hard. It's barely believable that this 23-year-old boy man dare to lecture his big sister so =p. Speaking about my brother's saying, it's true that we are like night-and-day/black-and-white in terms of money management. I can spend my allowance extravagantly while he can save his prudently. That's why he never forgets to remind me to be more considerate in managing my allowance, especially in restraining myself from being a gadget freak =p. 

All in all, here I am. Victoriously ceased my maudlinness. Errr, those turmoils above were already flew away though. I've made up my mind and gather an extraneous energy to wrap up everything. Moreover, Allah surely has planned something for me. Why bother? Bismillah...FULL STEAM AHEAD! *glad to be back blogging :))*


dzaia-bs said...

wkwkwkwkwkwk... been there, done that...

bunga said... usah menghina gitu deh. Hahaha *pedih