Saturday, January 1, 2011

[Coming Up Soon] Payback Time

Mrs. Russel Brand, please allow me to quote one tiny part of your song lyrics here.
"You change your mind, Like a girl changes clothes...." "...You're yes then you're no, You're in and you're out, You're up and you're down, You're wrong when it's right, It's black and it's white" [let's forget "we fight, we break up..." for the inappropriateness reasons]

Who the heck that I was referring to ? None other than my frigging advisor. He is playing a game with me. For the second times in two semesters, he hit me hard with his "your draft is not good enough to be presented in a final defense".

I guess I assisted 50% of his hatred over me. I started everything, after all. I recalled it was more than a year ago when I took his Technical English Writing class. In the first meeting, he handed over the handouts and gave some introductions about the class. I read the handout and frowned. "Bleeding heck, what kind of class is this?", my mind opposed. I couldn't stand and rose my hand. "Pardon me for interrupting, Sir. What is exactly you're trying to teach in this class? I found it unnecessary", I bashed him right into his face. As if a devil possessed me, I kept confronting him and smacked his pride in front of twenty-something students in his very first master's degree student class. The day after, I dropped that class from my list. Darn. Thinking it over, that was hella idiotic action of mine. A blast of victory that costs me an arm and a leg.

Lesson learnt. Don't confront others right into their faces, openly. Especially when that typical person has the privilege to "decide your future, academically". Another thing is I guess I was only using my silver bullet to shoot my goal. No wonder it was a total failure. I've set another strategy, this time with my signature engraved golden bullet. I'll finish what I've started. You want to play a game, eh? Bring it on ! Giving up is not exist in my dictionary. Bismillah....

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