Monday, June 27, 2011

Stranger Danger

Around a year ago, one of my acquaintance ever told me that he's using Boxbe to organize his inbox. At that time, he also apologized because this "say goodbye to email overload" service he was using was apparently became the "mastermind" of a bunch of stranded e-mails. He didn't realize that most of important e-mails were marked as spam on his inbox.  Well, seemingly, the free spam filter works well to seep through the spams, as well as the non-spams. Alas, he missed many information. Thanks to Boxbe, eh? At that exact moment, we were dealing with "the most phenomenon" int'l conference preps, btw. So, that kind of situation surely sucks. 

In the aforementioned case, I was "lucky" because none of my e-mails to that acquaintance of mine has ever marked as spam by his Boxbe. Hence, I have no idea how does it feel to accept "a special" notification like this : indeed sucks :)). Stranger is dangerous, eh?

I personally think that using that kind of whatsoever e-mail organizer is counterproductive. The loss is even bigger than the earnings. We're not like a president of a country who receive thousands of threat e-mails each day, aren't we? C'mon. Imagine your adviser receive that kind of notification =p. 完蛋了.

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