Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dear Lil' Sis, OMEDETOU^^!

HI UGM, huh? Great job, Cit^^. I never doubt your "ability" actually. But before, Dad told me that your choices were all H.I.G.H. I mean, in UM UGM entrance exam you chose International Relations, Communication Political Science and English Literature as your first, second and third choice, respectively. Dad even told me that you are (always) overconfident. Hahaha.

Well, i don't think so. I mean, i knew it clearly that you've measured your ability well. I just knew that you'll pass it without any difficulties^^.
So, Plan A is all you have to do Lil' Sis. You'll surely have a chance again in the future to go abroad. Don't worry about that. Until then, face this new beginning of your college life happily, OK? I'll always pray the best on earth for your success. HWAITING ^^V!

29001-02411 CITRA ISTIQOMAH 463944


Yuher said...

adik paling kecil Bung?
Paling di sayang ma bokap duonks? Paling sehati soalnya,, hehehe

pilihan adik mu mirip ma aku dulu,, hehehe dulu ak milihnya HI, sastra jepang ma fisika (apanya yang mirip?),, hehehe

yah,,setidaknya sama2 jebol di HI,, haghaghag.. bukan UGM siy aku :-p

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Nope. Citra adik no. 2. Si Bungsu masih kelas 2 SMP^^. Hahahaaaa...paling sering "berantem mulut" sama Papa. Soalnya paling jago ngeles ;p.

Hihihi...beda2 tipis lah, Rin^^. Iya, "intinya" sama2 jebol HI. Ahh...UNPAD juga MANTAB kok^^.

Anonymous said...

:applause: for your 2nd sister...

just as good as her big sister...what a good role-model-sister for the others...What a big success in your life bunga...trully proud of being your friend..!!! :hug:

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Hehehe....just give the applause for her, Rit^^.'re such an exaggerator.