Monday, April 27, 2009


After found this article, i suddenly felt that women really are COMPLICATED. a woman (*or not yet a woman ;p), i always feel so. "Declaring" myself as a straightforward one, doesn't always mean that i never "hide something" or never tried to be not complicated at all. Well, i don't know whether women complicatedness is related with the material genetics they have brought or not. But, could be.
Let's see :
Both of men/males and women/females have 23 chromosomal pairs. On the 23rd chromosomal pair of the typical human, a female has two X chromosomes while a male has only one X chromosome, the other chromosome is Y chromosome. The Y chromosome holds considerably fewer genes than the X chromosome but it has the important job of coding for maleness. I forgot where i got this, but i remember that XX chromosomes contain more genetic materials than XY chromosomes. In the whole DNA, XX chromosomes comprise 5 % of the genetic materials while XY chromosomes "only" comprise 2.5 %. Having 2.5 % more genetic materials than men, means the gene expressions in women's DNA are more than men. Maybe, because of that women are more complicated than men. Hehehe....*just my two cents*
Out of my two cents, maybe this opinions here can describe "how complicated women are" :
"A woman often is a misunderstood creature; a very complex individual. I think it is her complexity that makes her so, so complicated".
"From a "mindset" point of view, women are generally (not all) more complicated, able to see scenarios maybe 10x more than scenarios men generally think of. Women are naturally more analytical, resultantly more suspicious. That is why in the jealousy department, it is usually the women who accuse the men (to be fair, they are right most of the times)".
"Women also have a more developed INTUITION. This sense in women is almost always correct. Very few men are so gifted".
"Emotionally, women are. They cry when they are angry, when they are happy, when they are lonely, when the children are all naughty when the children are away, when their husbands talks a lot, when the husbands won't talk, and so many other "when". Name it and they are ready to cry!"
"Boys will be boys and have dirty minds and are less complicated. But women don't have dirty minds because they change them very often".
"Woman very complicated. Mind think something but mouth speak different thing".
"Women... I just can't understand their moods... very fickle...".
Hmmm...i think most of the opinions above were typed by the men. Hehehe...

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