Saturday, January 3, 2009

2 Vacations on 2 New Year Holidays (Hijriyah-Masehi)

OK, i can say this two are "quite" amazing vacations i've ever had.
Verse 1. ALISHAN a.k.a Alishan National Scenic Area (阿里山國家風景區)
Finally, after lived in Chiayi for almost 4 months, i had a chance to go to this famous (scenic) park in Taiwan. Well, let's just forget that the journey to Alishan was a little bit "rocky", not to mention that i also have to babysit my Vietnamese friend who was feel motion sickness (to be specified : bus-sickness) all the way. Hehehe, peace, Li Huei^^.
Here's some infos about Alishan : 1 ; 2 ; 3.
Honestly, i would be enjoying my vacation there wasn't a WINTER (*gyahahahaa...i HATE COLD WEATHER the most). So, instead of feeling refreshed nor relaxed, i was too busy to think whether i can survive from this 8-centigrade-damned-cold-Alishan weather or not. Luckily, there's a place called Fenchihu (奮起湖), a small village down the hill, where I can satisfy my souvenirs-hunger for (-read : postcards^^) -------> a perfect weather distraction ;). I also found a cool eagle-shaped blade for my brother there (*Geme'...i bet you'll love it^^). All in all, i hope when the SPRING comes, i can go to that beautiful mountain again (*can't hardly wait to see the "legendary" cherry blossoms).

Verse 2. Taibao City (太保市), Chiayi County
This unpredictable vacation ended up perfectly to me^^. OK, imagine you knew someone only for two weeks and then he/she asked you to join their family vacation. This woman named Mbak Afong is the one who really did that. So, on Masehi New Year Holiday, i went to Taibao City (to The Animal Farm and Fisherman Villages) with Mbak Afong, Mbak Afong's hubby (*dunno his name ;p), and Mbak Afong's three-cute-little daughters and son. Not enough to bring me to those places, she also took me to her house and cooked INDONESIAN DISHES (*Subhanalloooohhh^^). Before that, she treated me Minsyong's special dish called duck noodles (鴨子 麵條). Yummy^^! At the end, she invites me to spend some nights in her house again later on Chinese New Year holiday (*Huaaaaaa...(burst into tears)...thanks a heap, Mbak Afong^^).

*Speaking of cuisines, I put this interesting blog link so I can check on it whenever i want to go to the nightmarket^^.


Princess of Kerotia said...

hwaaaaaa.... *jealous_mode_on*
why are you always on vacation??

by the way, while you went to Alishan & Taibao City, I went to Glagah & Depok Beach.. and suddenly I realized that WE NEVER HAD A VACATION TOGETHER in Jogja! Yes, we went to Amplaz & such, but never to the beach, mountain & other beautiful places..

We MUST go there the moment you return, Bun-chan!!

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Am i "always" on vacation (*wondering)?

OMG...i was just realize it too. Ckckkckkk...what an "uptown-girls" we were. Oh yeah, WE DEFINITELY have to go to such places, Sav-Chan (*high_spirited_MODE_ON)!!! Wait til' i come back, OK?!^^

netta said...

OKay gals!! Our up/downtown-girls-alike style is not good anymore. We're all humble and nice countryside girls, aren't we?

Umm.. BungKong, before you came back, I'll probably kidnap Sav-Chan to a beautiful ndeso place.

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Errrrr, before i met you gals...i was a humble and nice countryside girl (*should i mention again that i lived in the remote area called Pocket-an City?) (*berkacak_pinggang_MODE_ON)

OK then, after i come back, remember to kidnap me too, Sun ;)...