Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prof. Chiou...You're The Best^^!

v(^_^)v (*victory)'s Trends of Food Technology and Chronic Disease (ToFT&CD) presentation was a total success^^. OK, it didn't end up perfectly as i dream of. 為什麼 ? presentation-time was being "robbed" by someone (*semi-angry).
Here's the story:
Mr. R-a-t-t-a-p-h-o-n-g (-my Thailand' classmate), who's definitely ignoring Prof. Chiou's command (read : instead of presenting something related to ToFT&CD, his presentation was about Bhumibol Adulyadej + his governance policies ------> *yawning). Even worse, he did the presentation for...25 minutes (~almost 30, actually), from 10-15 minutes provided time! (*impatience_MODE_ON).

As a result, when it comes to my turn, i just speed up and speak so fast to explain my 26-power point-slides titled Molecular Targets of Dietary Agents for Prevention and Theraphy of Cancer (-i finished it in 13 min-40 sec^^). Prof. Chiou end up gave this comments : "Hmmm...interesting topic" and "You speak so fast...your tongue must be "flippy"". Gyahahahaaaa (*laughing hard). And then, all of the sudden, he started to say something like "mouth-tongue structure" related to the dialects, pronunciation and ability in doing "flippy"-stuff. Hehehe...

The BEST part was...when he told us that there will be no FINAL TEST for this course (*\(^o^)/).
老師, 我喜歡你 ~~~~~ (*Ehehehee...klo giliran ga ujian aja...;p)


netta said...

gyahahahahah.... congratz!!
by the way, that was such a 'hard' topic, isn't it? i don't think i can manage to have such a topic!!!

well done, Ngek!!!

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Sangkyuuuuu, Sun^o^!
Ohohohooo, here, i'm irresistibly "falling in love" with that kinda topic (*not to mention that i also have a "deep crush" in 'cell signaling pathway' thingy). Yes, those are "hard", yet interesting;) -----> *wes sounds nggilani, rung;p ? Hihihi...

Princess of Kerotia said...

aku gilo karo judule!!! x_x

omedetou, Bun-chan!! you're the best!