Friday, January 23, 2009

Massive Chinese New Year Homecoming i understand the importance of Chinese New Year for Taiwanese. 9-day holiday for this occasion! How could i say it's not important?! No doubt. Compare to the same important occasion back in my lovely country Indonesia called Lebaran, which is only 2-day holiday, Chinese New Year seems way bigger. Even for university students, like most of my friends. But i'm still flabbergasted with their tremendous efforts in preparing their homecoming. I took this picture at Chiayi Train Station :

Seems like they really emptying their cupboards in the dormitory/apartment and bring those stuff along with them #shaking head
But, the one who doesn't "coming home" like me has to "suffered" because of those 9-day holiday. WHY? Because almost all the stores and shops are closed, even 7-eleven inside the campus #shocked! As a result, i must stockpiling to earnestly continue my life #a bit exaggerating here; as always. This picture below was taken after a crazy-frenzy shopping in order to stockpile foods :
"Bunga, I'm tired. I bought too many things", said Li Huei (my roommate) #ROFL
Btw, international students like me were also "celebrating" an early Chinese New Year with having dinner together (on the rooftop one of the departments in my campus; a week ago) and exchanging gifts. For that exchanging gifts part, i have my own story. So, I didn't know why, but that time, when i saw a pile of gifts on the table, my eyes stuck on MASHIMARO stuffed toy. Hahaha...since when i started to like stuffed toy?!  Seriously, I was praying hard to get it. But yeah, i didn't get it (directly). I got a white-furry-pillow, instead. The one who got that Mashimaro was Mas Away and he gave it to Eti. Finally, after seeing my puppy-WANT-THAT-MASHIMARO-BADLY eyes, Eti agreed to exchange that Mashimaro with my furry pillow. Ahahaaa..AWESOME!!!
Mashimaro, say hi to the new owner :D!


netta said...

Bung, lebaran kan liburnya 2 minggu Bung...
Emangnya itu 9 hari tanggalannya merah semua ya? 9 hari merah gitu?

ck ck ck ck

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

tapi kan lebaran tanggal merahnya dua hari doang, Sun.

yoi...sembilan hari tanggal merah. semua kantor tutup. semua toko (*bahkan Carrefour dan RT-Mart) juga tutup. pokoke SEPIIIIIIIIIII nyenyet. Edunnnnn T-T.