Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final Performances in Chinese Class

Hihihi...just found this article from the university webpage^^.
Here's the story behind that article :
On the 5th January 2009, all Chinese Class's members have to do some performances in front of the President of Chiayi University (*too much pressure here -------> *deep sigh). The performances were more like showing some conversations related to the topics that we've been studied this past four months. But besides that, we also played some games and sang two songs (titled 朋友 (read : peng2you3 means friend) and 寶貝 (In The Night) (read : bao3bei4 means baby or darling). (Almost forget), there's also three (-unbelievably crazy) Thailand' students who performed a "fighting-for-a boy-butt-dance" (*don't ask me to explain it even further ;p).
My group, consists of four members : me, Wahid, Eti and Li Huei. We performed an irregular-bargain-shopping-transaction-thingy. Why irregular ? Because the transaction's setting is SOGO Dept. Store (*gyahahahaaa...since when we can "bargain" stuff at SOGO ;p). Well, since we have Wahid as an ambitious-money lover-衣服 老闆 (read : yi1fu5 lao3ban3; yi1fu5 means clothes; lao3ban3 means boss) and Li Huei as a cute-shy-little-McD-laoban, we're successfully caught Mr. President's attention^^. And errr...btw, before performance, we heard from our Chinese Teacher that Mr. President couldn't come. But later...he came just EXACLTY BEFORE OUR GROUP's performance! (*OMG...OMG...we were a bit freaked out back then). But thank God we were able to handle it (*yeay!). Check out our drama performance here.
"gerombolan Indonesia berfoto bersama President Li sesaat stlh acara berakhir"


netta said...

presiden = rektor??

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

yep^^. you didn't really think that Ma Ying-jeou, president of taiwan would come to tiny-unimportant university performances, rite Sun ;p?