Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brrrrr...Samuiiiiiii !

This past few days, the weather in Chiayi is damned COLD (*clenching_teeth_MODE_STILL_ON). Don't ask me whether i'm still take a shower twice a day or not (*because the answer is XXX. Ehehehe...). Gosh, i really did come to the lowest point (read : coldest place) in Taiwan (*sigh). Plus, my Taiwanese friend told me that this winter IS THE COLDEST EVER (*Huaaaaaa.....)! Anyway, this article i've found before is quite interesting :

"With the winter winds just over the horizon, three popular hot drinks (=coffee, hot cocoa and chamomile tea) will not only warm you up, but could also heat up your immune system and possibly help prevent certain ailments"

OK, then...i will just stop my addiction to the cold bùdīng nǎichá (布丁奶綠茶) (*pudding+milk+green tea), at least until the winter gone. Drink something warm surely better (and fits well) with the cold weather^^.

"Chemists have found that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet; hot cocoa contains more antioxidants per cup than tea or red wine, which provide substantial doses; and chamomile tea, the popular herbal drink, may actually help relieve a wide range of health ailments, including colds and menstrual cramps"

(REALLY ? Coffee is the no. 1 source of antioxidants (*even in U.S. diet ????) -----> *wondering+questioning. Check out this link for further infos about "Coffee as an antioxidants".
Conclusions (from the article i've linked above):
1. The actual amount needed to be consumed in order to receive the anti-cancer benefits by humans is unknown. In the other words, the truth is it is still unknown just how beneficial coffee antioxidants are for humans.
2. Roasting and heating the coffee changes the total antioxidant output.
3. Too much of anything is not a good thing (-all things in moderation).
Last but not least, the articles here (1 & 2) about the relation between antioxidants and cancer are also worth to read.
"Cold" regards (read : Salam kedinginan T-T)


etnus said...

mbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....edun, adem tenann kii...
masya allah...nek bar wudhu, aku ki mesti ma'greges (baca:menggigil)...ampun tenan jaaan...

netta said...

haiyo bener... ngombe kopi ki kan sedino ra cukup 1 cup. pagi bangun tidur: ngopi; sampe kantor, ngopi; makan siang, ngopi; istirahat sore, ngopi; nongkrong sama temen, ngopi.

see?? ^_^ wong ki do doyan adus kopi!

betewe.. kuwi kok verse 2 toh? version kali' :P hi hi hi hi

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

@etnus : start from tomorrow, you'll no longer ma'greges, de' (*at least until 15th Feb ;p). Enjoy your stay at our lovely subtropic country^^...

@netta : ckckckkkk...ho'oh yo, sun. tur walaupun aku coffee-lovers, "adus-kopiku" ra ngasi ngono2 banget ki.

waduhhhh...kesambit opo yo aku mengetikkan "verse" instead of "version" ? hihihi...(*sangkyuuu^^)