Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's correlated, indeed

Well, after read an article found by Sunett here, i guess now i have to correct my rather-rushed saying below* :

"I knew that you are able to taking care of your own problems". "I also knew that you are very religious" (* WHATTTT ???? ~~~~~> it's not even correlated, Sir*) . "As long as i still can see you hang in there and alive...i feel relieved."

It's correlated, conversely. I really am in PAIN (*Having him as my adviser...painful. Having this kinda environment during my study...painful. Not having my family around...painful). But, yeah, "i have a religion...to help me cope with anything".

"Religion-associated pain resistance is linked to the activation of the brain right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (VLPFC), an area associated with both cognitive down-regulation of pain and reassessment of the emotional meaning of an experience – for example by giving a neutral or even positive meaning to a noxious experience, and so making it much easier to cope with."

See ? So, by accident, my adviser's saying was correct. But now i am wondering why most of people see me as a happy-go-lucky girl. Suddenly i feel that this Happy Go Lucky song lyrics fits me :

The world only sees me smiling
My pillow knows the truth at night
'Cause that's where I hide my sorrow
And they call me happy go lucky
They don't know my heart is dying inside
A smiles a frown turned upside down
I do my happy go lucky so well
I'm even fooling myself

Errrr...except on the part "I'm even fooling myself". Hehehe. I think i'm clear enough about my limits. I'll cry whenever i feel sad...I'll sigh whenever i feel burdened...I'll mad whenever something upsets me...and so on. But i also realize that the new me is (more) lonesome (-in a positive way...i guess:)). Having been a lone ranger, i knew the importance of survival.


netta said...

take it easy baybeh... as the irish usually says, a problem is not a problem until it is a problem.

lay back, relax.

not many people got the honour to visit where you are now. even i envy you-a little sih-bakalan banyak kalo kamu kecantol tau ming se ;)

rasah cengeng, opo meneh nek ameh turu, engko tangi2 mripatmu malah koyo wong hang over. hya ha ha ha ha. crying will make you feel your sorrow less, but it won't help you solve the problem (if there's any).

well... sometimes... a lot of times... we tend to make non-existence matter become a big problem. jangan cuma happy go lucky di luaran, happy go lucky di dalem juga doooong. I know you can do it ^_^ You can conquer *almost* anything!

uhuk... uhuk... simbah wis tuwo nduk... uhuk.. uhuk..

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Ehehehe...thanks a bunch, Granny^^.

Well, those matters really are exist, Sun. But yeah, most of your sayings are correct. I guess i have to try even harder to manage those well:). GANBARIMAAAAASU^^!