Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Witty Nobel Laureate

Have you ever heard someone named Kary Mullis ?
Yesterday my Scientific Writing lecturer, Prof. Ku, told me the story about that PCR inventor. Speaking from the view point of the science world, Kary Mullis can be categorized as a "unique" scientist. He also considered as an "intellectual maverick". Prof. Ku said, after won a Nobel Prize in 1993, he shared his $10,000 (-bonus from the company he worked for), quitted and started to....surfing. Hahaha...
One of the media describes him as :
"A man interested in many things in life besides molecular biology and surfing, he has refused to team up with the biotechnology industry or academia. Currently, he consults and lectures around the world about biotechnology or the development of the scientific method, its successes and its failures".
And btw, i found this video of him :

He's surely a witty-one-of-the-kind Nobel laureate^^.
Anyway, from that video, i know that the mixture of potassium perchlorate and sugar will produce an explosion (*hehehe...^^).

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