Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taichung Lantern Festival 2009

This annual festival located in Wen-Hsin Forest Park, officially started on 2nd and will end on 15th February. At first, i never planned to go to this event, considering the day after i have to go hiking. But one of Jeung Dewi's friend offered herself to be our guide. Why wasting someone's kindness ;)? So, the three of us ended up there.
I thought i will see some awesomeness in Taichung Lantern Festival. I mean, OK i saw "some" great lanterns (*including some which made by the students). But, only that ? Well, (almost) yes, actually. The giant screens playing Taiwanese folk opera, activity areas for families and street performers were all failed to entertain me, though. Feeling lots of disappointment, we were ended up strolling all around the food stalls (*night market-alike) nearby, finding some foods to eat. Having takoyaki, ice cream, sugar cane juice and fried taro balls as my dinner, i felt like more enjoying the night market rather than an annual festival.
Hmmm...maybe next year i will go to Kaohsiung Lantern Festival (1, 2) the biggest one and located alongside the Love River. Ehehehe...^^


netta said...

Gyaaaa.... i WANT takoyaki!!!

Gyaaaaaa (again!) singkirkan pose favoritmu itu Ngek! Carilah gaya baru selain mengangkat 2 jari... ini musim pemilu, Bu! eheheheheh

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Hehehe...be patient, Sun...in no time, you'll be able to buy takoyaki (even its stall, if you want ;p).

OK then...i'll just change it into 8-fingers-pose (*hihihi...menjurus).