Saturday, January 23, 2010

新年快樂 !

It's too early to say "Happy Chinese New Year" though^^. But because the end of the semester has come and some of the int'l students are planning to come back to their country, Chinese New Year Party in my university has been scheduled earlier.

I remember last year when i missed the bus, thus making me failed to join Chinese New Year Party, meant i couldn't get 紅包 (hóngbāo; red envelope). Hehehe *kumat dah mata duitannya*.

Since i didn't join last year's party, i have nothing to compare to. Hmmm...all in all, it was just like the regular celebration, except for the "bowing and burning incense (香火; xiānɡhuǒ) to pay respects to the ancestors" session.

Well, being a president of ISA-NCYU means i have to get ready to be a celebrity ..anytime..anywhere *puke*. It just happened that I have to represent my friends to accept the red envelope from the rector. Oh oh...btw, after the red envelope-receiving ceremonial, i heard an unpleasant truth. The HUGE red envelope i received before, used to be filled with extra cash. "Last year, Mas Away got NT$1000, Mbak", said Eti. *TINGS* without hesitation, i peeped the red envelope. It was...EMPTY. **

Besides that unpleasant truth, everything was just great. Picture tells a thousand words ;p. Check them out:
Oooh...empty 紅包...*sigh*

OK, line up, foods...we'll burst our stomachs if you're rushing *lol* :

In the end, unavoidable narcissism attacks occurred, as can be (clearly) seen below :


新年快樂 (xīn nián kuài lè; happy new year) ^o^!!!

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