Friday, January 8, 2010


Have you ever felt intimidated by someone? Even with his/her "virtual" existence, you'll feel some kind of anxiety. That's exactly what i feel this past few months. *i guess someone called Panda already knew where this "curcol" will flowing ;p*

OK. Imagine you work with someone who is OUTSTANDING. Nobody would doubt his/her ability in tackling almost EVERYTHING. What would you possibly feel as that person's subordinate? Happy? Because he/she will take over everything and finish the whole thing flawlessly? *D.A.N.G* i don't think so. Contrary, you'll feel  BURDENED. INTIMIDATED. DEPRESSED (*unless you're extraordinarily happy-go-lucky person).

It's not about that person outshines you or better than you in your work field. Indeed, he/she is, without question. But it's about how on earth he/she doing this kind of mental-damaging action without even realize it ???!!! Well, let say that i've conducted a small-tiny-unimportant research about this matter. I'll say his/her unawareness is caused by this things :

1. He/she is also burdened by something (*responsibility-whatsoever) or someone, thus he/she will try his/her best to boost performances (individually) in order to chase away his/her own burden.

2. He/she is in the dark about his/her subordinate abilities, hence he/she will keep moving forward without looking back nor helping out the poor-subordinate.

3. He/she is setting the standard too high, aside from his/her subordinate capabilities (*almost the same with point no.2, but this one is more likely to be done consciously).

Alas, the what so-called intimidated feeling is emerged.

Up until now, i still feel it. Honestly, the feeling is getting worse. *deep sigh*
I just hope that i can get through everything immediately. Laa haula walaa quwwata illaa billaahil'aliyyil'adzhim....


Anonymous said...

P.A.R.A.H lo....

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

Curcol, Pan...C.U.R.C.O.L. Saya sdh sangat "bijak" dan baik hati sekali tak menyebutkan namanya disini.