Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Parental Warmth

*sneezing* *blowing nose*

Two "activities" which have been my "routines" this past four days. Cold weather. Trapped in the heavy rain (+ strong wind). Lack of nutrients. Not enough sleep. I think those four are the main backgrounds of my unhealthy condition. Since i was a kid i always easily got sick. I look like "preman" outside, but the truth is i'm not that strong ;p *self-confession*

I always miss my mother-father's warmth when i'm "helpless" like this. Mama always comes to my room, checks my body temps, cooks something soupy for me (*cooks another things if i said the previous one is not delicious or taste bitter in my buds), makes sure that i take my medicine right on time...T-T T-T
Papa always comes to my room, asks for my condition, massages my head, lays down right next to me while telling some stories and whispers "I wish i could take your pain away, Nak"...T-T T-T

Mama...Papa...I wish you two were here...Bunga kangen sekali T-T *teary*


Anonymous said...

please recover soon..don't do this again...take good care of your body...eventhough you want to measure yourself until the last limit, it's not the right way... *angry mode on*

bunga (馬莎莉) said...

i'm working on it, Panda^^. Thank you very much. I really need someone to be angry to me, just like you. Take a good care of yourself too, OK?