Monday, April 5, 2010


I feel like today is the most FULL-OF-CONTROVERSY day in my whole life. 

1. Set a polemical status on my Yahoo Messenger [YM] [= "ga suka dgn org yg menghubungi KALAU BUTUH AJA. ga pernah basa-basi tapi tiba2 MINTA INI ITU []"] which later made more than 10 new windows popped up on my screen. The most unbelievable comment came from Slamet. "asslm ... punten bunge baru ngecek status YM nya ... itu buat aq bukan ya ... kok sptnya aq banget ya ... sy minta maaf lho ya .. sudah berperilaku persis kaya status itu ... terlalu sering minta bantuan ini itu ... ndak pernah pakai basa-basi dll ... ". Hahhhahh..Ya Allah..Slam..Slam..i already feel like we're siblings. Really. Hence, when something happened, i will tell you directly :D. 
Don't ask about the rest of popped-up messages. It varies. But mostly expressing worrisome..just like Slamet.

2. Misunderstood with a new member in one of the mailing list i've been moderated
"Saudara XXX, mohon maaf sebelumnya. Tapi saya rasa pertanyaan seperti yg Anda sampaikan di milis tsb harusnya bisa dijapri ke saya saja sebagai pihak yang mengundang Anda untuk bergabung di milis. Mohon lebih diperhatikan lg ke depannya untuk memilah2 e-mail japri dan e-mail umum. Terima kasih"

That's my reply to a new member who was merely asking a simple question regarding to the e-mail address changing. Moreover,that new member didn't send his e-mail to the mailing list, he sent it to the moderators instead. But i was "cruelly" accused Saudara XXX like that. Masya Allah...*sigh*
3. Posted another CONTENTIOUS status on my Facebook and YM
"Bunga Primasari wants to remind others about the IMPORTANCE of ASKING PERMISSION in citing else's properties [*ga ngerasa posting video hasil nge-shoot diri sendiri ke page lain dan ga ngerasa dimintai izin tapi kok video saya NONGOL di page selain FB page saya*] *alhamdulillah sejak kecil diajarin SOPAN SANTUN dan MENGHARGAI HASIL KERJA KERAS ORANG LAIN oleh ayah-ibu*"

"Ketidaksopanan yang mendarah daging = menyebalkan"

My friends were commenting my status continuously [up until now]. The SUSPECT a.k.a the main target of that shout-out was soon popped up on my YM screen. SWEET! Just RIGHT ON TARGET. *tilt* ~~~~~~~~
After think it over, i was like "Astaghfirullah...i guess my BRAIN WAS MISPLACED".


Am i sound DELIGHTED after igniting such a RED-HOT situation??? Big NO NO. Not even a slight of RELIEVED feelings. I...was EXPLODED.Too many things i've sealed inside. But apparently, i forgot to do DOUBLE-SEALING. At that moment, the seal was SPLIT and i was unable to re-do it. Eventually, i only want everyone to see me as an ORDINARY GIRL. I am also a HUMAN BEING. I have my limitations. I know i need to do better in order to be more patient...wise...and...SPEAK OUT. For the last one, i'll put extra notes ---> Well, although most of my best friends know me as a talkative-straightforward type...i'm actually act differently in front of others. That's why i need to do more contemplation to be succeeded in expressing my feelings appropriately toward others, thus in the future there will be no HUGE EXPLOSION like this. Or..maybe SILENT still an answer to prevent things  from getting MORE COMPLICATED? I...[still] don't know.

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